Why Should You Hire Your Own Real Estate Agent When Purchasing New Construction?

Why Should You Hire Your Own Real Estate Agent When Purchasing New Construction?

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Imagine reaping all of the benefits of a buyer’s agent and hiring somebody to work on your behalf without actually having to pay them. This is exactly what every buyer should do when going through a new construction purchase!
A common misconception is that a buyer does not need to have their own real estate agent when purchasing a brand new home. The same thinking goes to not hiring a home inspector to inspect a newly constructed home. Both ideas are false!
Although there are many benefits to purchasing a brand new home, keep in mind that the sales office represents and works for the developer’s behalf. If you want your own interests to be represented, you should hire your own buyer’s agent who will help you through the entire buying process, just as you would for any normal real estate transaction.

The right buyer’s agent can do so much for you, even in a new construction home purchase, including the following and more:

  • Arranging showings / touring of model homes.
  • Being the point of contact between you and the sales office.
  • Reviewing all paperwork.
  • Help you narrow down pros / cons of floor plans, lots, design choices, etc.
  • Connect you with a professional home inspector prior to move-in.
  • Communicate with your lender and help you through all contract timelines.
The best part of all is that the agent’s commission is paid for by the developer – so you get all the benefits of a buyer’s agent without having to pay a cent!
It is absolutely important to inform your agent of your interest in new construction homes. Sales offices are very strict and require that your first visit be with your real estate agent so that the both of you can be registered in their system. If you decide to show up to the sales office without your agent, unfortunately you no longer have the option to be represented.

Real Life Example

There have been numerous occasions where I was able to help my clients secure a brand new home, simply by having a good working relationship with the sales office. On occasion, some new homes will become available again on first come, first served notice. This is where a buyer’s real estate agent can help you secure a home by having consistent contact with the sales office when these properties arise!
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