What Services do you offer as an Experienced Buyer’s Real Estate Agent on Oahu?

Simply put, not all buyer’s agents are equal.

An experienced buyer’s real estate agent will do more than show you properties, write you an offer, and hand you the keys to your new home. Read on below to know what you should expect from a great buyer’s agent.

Searching for your Perfect Home

An experienced buyer’s real estate agent will not only know of everything that is on the market, but he or she may also have some insight of “coming soon” listings or even pocket listings of some homes that are set to come on the market shortly.

A good buyer’s agent will help you identify your needs from your wants and be able to suggest properties that could be a good fit for you. She will also help to keep your expectations in check and help you to balance the pros and cons in order to find the best home for you.

Your real estate agent should always keep your budget in mind and not try to stretch it. She will work with your lender and make sure that you won’t be in over your head once it is time to pay the mortgage.

Writing An Offer

An experienced buyer’s real estate agent thrives in multiple offer situations and will discuss with you some competitive advantages that will help your offer stand out amongst the rest.

A good buyer’s agent knows that it isn’t always the price that matters when it comes to your offer getting selected above the rest. Although, it definitely does help.

Your real estate agent should have a favorable and professional working relationship with other agents and know how to put together a clean and well written offer, which can often be the difference in standing out amongst the rest.

Negotiating The Escrow Process

An experienced buyer’s real estate agent will walk you through the entire escrow process from opening to close. She will not simply hand you off to her transaction coordinator or assistant, never to be heard from again.

A good buyer’s agent knows how to negotiate on your behalf, whether it be obtaining credits or repairs during the home inspection process or negotiating with the seller’s agent / appraiser in the unfortunate event of a low appraisal value.

Your real estate agent should do whatever it takes to ensure a smooth transaction, keeping you updated on important dates and deadlines, while also getting you to the finish line successfully.

Closing The Sale

An experienced buyer’s real estate agent will help you through the last remaining items of doing your final walk through, signing escrow documents, and obtaining your keys!

A good buyer’s agent will be appreciative that you chose to work with her and will usually express this with a thoughtful closing gift!

Your relationship with your real estate agent shouldn’t end just because the transaction did. She should continue to stay in touch and always be there whenever you have problems, questions, or need future assistance!

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