What Services do you offer as an Experienced Seller’s Real Estate Agent on Oahu?

Simply put, not all listing agents are equal. Read on further to know what to expect when it comes to a great seller’s real estate agent.

Preparing your Home for the Market

An experienced seller’s agent knows that the success of your home sale starts with the initial market preparation. This can include pre-listing home repairs and consulting with an interior staging team in order to get your property showing its best.

A good seller’s agent also knows that the buyer’s first impression of your home begins with flattering professional photos of your property. In order to obtain top dollar for your property, professional photography is a must.

Your real estate agent should know your market inside and out and be able to price your property competitively based on comparable units that have sold in your neighborhood.

Active Marketing

An experienced agent knows that listing a property requires so much more than publishing it online and hoping for the best – instead, it’s all about active marketing and advertising.

A good seller’s agent will use her extensive network of buyers and agents to actively seek out a prospective and qualified buyer for your property.

Your real estate agent should be responsive to all buyer inquiries and show your property in a timely manner.

Tough Negotiation

An experienced agent knows how to negotiate a purchase offer to seek out the best possible terms for you.

A good seller’s agent will help you through the inevitable home inspection negotiations and will only give concessions or credits when reasonable.

Your real estate agent will ferociously protect your appraisal value and ensure that the appraiser will give a fair value to your home that is respective of the contract price.

High Results

An experienced agent will have you closing successfully in a timely manner.

A good seller’s agent will help you obtain top dollar for your property and perhaps even a record breaking neighborhood sale.

Your real estate agent should always keep in touch with you and be available if needed, even after the transaction closes!

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